Best Pop Up Canopy for the Beach: The Ultimate Shopper’s Guide

Are you going to the beach this weekend or sometime soon? 

Let’s think about what else will be there. Obviously, there will be sun, sand, and a lot of other people. Sun means sunburns, which can spoil your good time.

Even if you have the best sunblock lotion, you’re at risk of damage from too much sun. That’s why taking along the best pop up canopy for the beach will always be helpful. 

Best 5 Pop up Canopies for the Beach

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks…

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One of the most popular pop-up canopies, the EzyFast makeshift shelter tent could also be called a smart tent. The folding and pop up mechanism is easy to perform. It won’t take a whole team of people – just one person is enough to make it happen. Apart from the beach, you can also take it along when you go fishing, have an outdoor picnic, or visit a soccer field. 

The versatility of this pop-up canopy is one of its most striking features. More importantly, its lighter weight ensures that you can carry it along anywhere without taking up much space. 

Get protection from the sun’s UV rays and moisture while you are on the beach. What’s more, if the winds start to blow fast, you can easily pack it up within seconds. In terms of capacity, you can place two beach chairs under this beach shelter and accommodate two to four people. 

Lastly, this tent has a sturdy metal frame and locks down perfectly in one location. Around all the legs, there are two pockets for water bottles that add accessibility to it. 


  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 7 x 7” 
  • Roof and Foot Area: Roof - 6’ x 6’ | Foot - 7’ x 7’
  • Material: 190 T Fabric
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Contains: Canopy, carrying bag, and instruction manual


  • A multipurpose pop-up canopy
  • Gravity corner curtains allow the tent to be weighed down with the help of additional weight 
  • Smart looking and provides excellent protection from the sun overall with extended shade 


  • A bit higher on the price 
  • The leg joints are pretty sensitive

The added and innovative features of this canopy make it a good choice for families and everyday beachgoers. 

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With a total of 36 square feet of shade, this canopy is perfect at accommodating 2 to 4 people. You will find that the EzyFast Ultra-Compact Canopy has a multitude of features that make it one of the best pop up canopy options for the beach. 

In just three steps, you will be able to erect this canopy and find yourself under the shade getting protection from the sun’s UV Rays. The legs have adjustable height and they are also taller than other canopies in the same class. 

Further, you will find that this canopy is perfectly mobile and can provide temporary shelter on multiple occasions. It can also be set up with ease and by one person. There is no need to screw anything, just expand the canopy legs, put on the fabric, and raise the legs. That is all you need to do, which is probably why the brand is called EzyFast! 


  • Dimensions: 27.5” x 7” x 7”
  • Roof Area: 6’ x 6’
  • Foot Area: 7’6” x 7’6”
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Material: 190 T Fabric
  • Height: 6’7”


  • Easy to carry around as you can disassemble it and pack in a bag. 
  • Comes in various shades and has a bigger surface area
  • Velcro straps provide for extra strength while attaching and make sure that the canopy sticks to the stand. 


  • Susceptible to damage from heavy winds or rain

We like that this tent has an easy setup mechanism and has a bigger surface area. It is good to use on multiple occasions too. 

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Made from 190 T Polyester, the Quik Shade Go Hybrid canopy is another one of the best pop up canopy for beach. The legs are strong enough and the wide canopy area can accommodate 2 to 4 people.

Moreover, the whole structure is lightweight and you can fold it down, pack it in a bag and take it wherever you want. More importantly, the larger roof area is also beneficial, giving you more shade all the while restricting the UV rays to harm your sensitive skin. 

The legs are strong and you can just push them down in the beach sand so that the canopy stays in its spot even in windy weather. The half-wall shade at the backside of the canopy protects you from dust and strong winds. 

After knowing all this, you will also be happier to hear that this pop up beach canopy is cost-friendly. You won’t have to spend a whole lot of money to buy your own protection kit while going to the beach. 


  • Dimensions: 84 x 84 x 70 Inches
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Base Area: 6’ x 6’
  • Roof Area: 7’ x 7’


  • Bigger than other canopies in the same class
  • Water-resistant fabric. So, you won’t have to worry about some drizzle.
  • Easier to set up and pack. It is basically a one-man job


  • The canopy height is not enough for a person with average height. It is only made for sitting.

Because the overall fabric is resistant to water you must go for this canopy if you reside in an area where rain is frequent. 

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Who doesn’t love going to the beach and swimming in the warm ocean? We all do – but the important thing is to stay protected from the sun and possible sunbuns. Fortunately, the East Hills Outdoors canopy blocks 97.5% of the UVA and UVB rays. 

The reason why we have included it on our best pop up canopy for beach list is that the outer surface also reflects heat. So, when the beach sand is hot or hot winds are blowing from all sides, you won’t get that warmth inside the tent. 

This is a big canopy that is covered from all sides, with one zipped side that can be opened at will. It can hold up to 4 adults, and they can even lie down inside the tent. More importantly, the opening and closing mechanism of this pop-up canopy and tent is patent pending – it’s a special feature for you to consider. 


  • Dimensions: 99” x 53” x 57” 
  • Material: 185 T Polyester
  • UV Protection: UVA, UVB, and UPF 50+ Protection
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Floor Width: 99”


  • It has 3 mesh windows that allow for a constant airflow, along with protection from direct sunlight
  • Once you stake it down firmly, you won’t have to worry about the wind. Plus, this pop-up canopy comes with guyline features to provide added stability 
  • An amazing choice for a family trip to the beach


  • There have been complaints about broken arms
  • It is not as easy to set it up with a single person
  • The cost is higher

Ultimately, you get amazing quality with the Easthills shader. It allows the wind to pass through and keeps you cool when sitting inside the tent. The price is a bit high, so you have to decide if the extra quality is worth it for you.  

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This canopy by Gorich is yet another product in our list of the best pop up canopy for beach fun. The main reason for its inclusion is the UPF 50+ sun protection embedded in its fabric. 

More than this, the fabric is silver coated, which further adds another layer of protection from the sun. This canopy also enhances your privacy as you can zip it from the front, while all the other ends are already closed. 

You can also call it a certified and official anti-beach tent. Other than this, the 3 mesh doors allow the air to flow through the canopy. And the mesh won’t allow the sand to penetrate inside the tent. 

Lastly, it is very easy to fold down and assemble it again with ease. After taking it down, just fold it down, put it inside the bag, and carry it along wherever you want. 


  • Dimensions: 82.7” x 55.1” x 47”
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Material: 190 T Silver Coated Polyester


  • Highly resistant to sun
  • Water-resistant
  • Fiberglass poles offer extra sturdiness
  • Comes with attached sandbags on either side to provide better placement


  • You cannot fully stand up inside this canopy
  • The canopy legs are not very strong

This is a smaller canopy that allows you to enjoy the beach without having to suffer from sunburns. The side protection is also good for your kids. 

Before You Buy the Best Pop up Canopy for Beach Trips...

Buying a pop-up canopy is something that you should do after paying due consideration to some major buying factors. This includes understanding the nuances of the size, shape, fabric, tent poles, setting up mechanism, durability, resistancy, and other such factors. 

Given below are a few required aspects that you need to consider. 


Always try to buy a 4 person canopy. Sometimes, you may come across some friends or relatives on the beach or when you are watching a match. Therefore, to be able to accommodate everyone, it is better to buy a bigger canopy. 

You can buy even bigger canopies for everyday use, but take note that higher square footage, the price will also increase. So, you need to decide many people will be using the canopy and then buy the right one. 

Fabric and Material

The outer fabric of the canopy is also an important aspect that you should look at if you want to buy the best pop up canopy for the beach. The top pop up canopies will have the 150 T Polyester or Fabric material or higher. 

Some will also be certified as 190 T Polyester or Fabric. These are the materials that are best equipped to handle the UV rays of the sun. Some other materials that you may come across include nylon, lycra, and a few others. 

Higher quality material will obviously do a better job of shielding you from the UV rays. Watch for UPF 50+ canopy material, which can reflect the sun’s heat and even heat generated by the hot sand. Of course, these types of materials will also cost you more than other types of materials. 

Also, some canopies have extended frames and the material extends downwards from all sides. This provides better protection from the UV rays of the sun. We talk more about frames below.


The accordion top frame is the top choice when you’re thinking about different types of frames. It can be set up and disassembled with a simple push and pull mechanism. This structure has four legs, and they can be extended according to the required height. 

Another common type of frame that is like a steep hill (tilting towards the back) is also available, but it is not very comfortable or convenient to work with. If you get a pop canopy with this frame, you won’t be able to stand inside it. 

We recommend you always go for the accordion type frame for your canopy – and be sure that you check the dimensions, as some canopies have a lower height that won't allow a person to stand in them. Don’t buy one of these unless you’re okay with a canopy that is only meant for sitting. 


A 10 to 12 square feet canopy is about the right to buy for your family. With this much area, you can place two big beach chairs and a couple of smaller foldable chairs for your kids. 

Check the dimensions of the canopy when you are out there to buy it, or when you are looking for one online. The more area you have, the more shade you’ll enjoy inside the canopy. 


In this guide, you have read about the 5 best pop up canopies for the beach. If you were to ask which one is our favorite, then we would have to go with the Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader. This canopy has a larger area, better coverage, and takes care of everything you want in a canopy. It is perfectly ventilated, offers excellent ground coverage, can be closed from all sides, and most importantly, has a sturdy and strong frame that should last for years. 

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