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Top Four Waterproof Backpacks in 2020

The quality of waterproof backpacks is found in two main factors: the waterproof material it is made of, and the straps it provides for comfortable carrying. 

Dry bag backpacks are made of a heavily waterproofed lining that prevents water from seeping inside. The straps are usually sturdy and padded for maximum ease of carrying on your back.

Therefore, outdoor adventurists and water sports athletes can now keep equipment such as cameras, phones, and blankets dry under wet conditions without lingering worry.

We made this waterproof backpack buying guide to help you find the best bags retailing in 2020. These reviews will narrow down your choices to the four best-rated backpacks on the market right now.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks…

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It is all in the name. Skog Å Kust is inspired by an amalgam of Scandinavian words for “forest,” “creek,” and “coast.”

Skog Å Kust is one of the best adventure back sacks we’ve come across. It is suitable for both regular and thrill-seeking travelers.

The BackSåk comes in both 25 and 35L sizes.

Key Product Features

  • Made of waterproof PVC with 500d thread held together with high-frequency RF welding
  • The main pocket provides IPX-6 level water protection
  • It is available in 25L and 35L sizes
  • Back support material made out of EVA foam for ventilation and comfort
  • Shoulder and sternum straps are both padded and adjustable
  • Exterior pocket provides protection against splashing
  • Interior pockets have organizational compartments
  • Reflective trims offer visibility under low light conditions
  • D-rings on the side can carry essentials like water

25L BackSåk

  • Weighs 2.3 lbs (1.04 kg)
  • 16 x 11.5 x 6 Inches 
  • Exterior splash protection pocket dimensions of 15.5 x 11 x 9 inches

35L BackSåk

  • Weighs 2.5 lbs 
  • 20 x 12.5 x 6 inches
  • Exterior splash protection pocket dimensions of 17.5 x 11.5 x 10 inches

The Good 

  • EVA foam pads on the back, shoulder, and sternum are soft and breathable. Adjustable straps add to the comfort in transit
  • Reflective trim improves safety in low visibility situations
  • The top clips come together to create a handle for hauling the bag. Side clips create a compact back sack for storage
  • The inside pockets help to organize your valuables for protection 
  • Splash-proof outer pocket protects documents that need to be retrieved easily such as IDs

The Bad

  • No protection for prolonged submersion in water

What It Protects Against

  • Heavy downpours
  • Waves and splashes for activities like sailing, kayaking or surfing
  • Snow during activities like skiing and snowboarding
  • Dust, mud, and dirt in activities like backpacking or camping trips

Bonus Tip: The waterproof rating of IPX-6 means that while it provides a degree of protection from water, it is not intended for underwater use.

IPX-6 extends to protection from splashes, rain, and falling into the water. In other words, it will provide protection in cases of intermittent submersion. 

The external pocket of the backpack is water-resistant and not completely waterproof. So, if you intend to store electronics or documents in this section, you must always take additional water protection measures.

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Yeti is famously associated with coolers and tumblers for outdoor activities, but the popular manufacturer has expanded its production to include backpacks as well. They came up with the Yeti Panga waterproof and submersible bags.

The Panga submersible bag is a category of its own with its submersible capabilities, unlike any other waterproof bag on the market right now. 

Yeti Panga is designed with ultra-strength fabrics with a rigid base design that is borrowed from Yeti coolers. As with many outdoor backpacks, the Panga has the usual removable straps and meshed inside pockets, plus an air-and-water-tight zipper called the Hydrolok Zipper.

The Panga backpack series is available in three sizes: 50, 75, and 100L bags. 

Key Features

  • Airtight and waterproof backpack with ThickSkin shell
  • Hydrolok Zipper that protects your valuables in torrential rain and underwater
  • DryHaul shoulder straps which are padded for comfort
  • Removable chest straps and waist belts designed for stability and added security while in transit
  • The Yeti ThickSkin shell is made out of nylon and rich TPU lamination for durability. The skin is abrasion and puncture-resistant
  • Hollow bottom molded out of EVA to mimic a cooler’s bottom
  • Internal sleeve and stowaway mesh sections keep your things organized
  • Product dimensions of 11 x 28 x 15.25 inches
  • Weight of 5.9lbs (2.68 kg)


  • The winning feature of this bag is its unique submersible design. Everything inside the bag stays protected under the water
  • The high-density nylon of the Yeti ThickSkin is compact enough to be flexible, yet thick enough to be puncture-proof
  • This is an all-weather bag. You can take it anywhere with you, no matter the atmospheric conditions
  • The molded EVA base of the bag adds to waterproofing capabilities and makes the bottom durable
  • Adjustable straps let you carry it like a duffle bag or backpack for your comfort


  • The 5.9 lb (2.68 kg) weight of the bag may be too much for some users
  • The heavy-duty materials that make up the frame of the back take a lot of space, so you can only pack the bag with essentials

What it Protects Against:

  • Battering 
  • Torrential rains
  • Waves, splashes, and submersion 
  • Snow and sleet
  • Dust, mud, and dirt

This is an undeniably heavy-duty bag that may feel like carrying a gas cylinder on your back. Yeti can almost be accused of over-engineering the Panga. However, this bag is one that lives up to its hype. What you see in the picture is indeed what you get.

As a hiking backpack, it will be very challenging to carry over long distances because of its weight. If you have a lot of faith in your stamina and expect to be in more extreme weather situations, then the Panga is the perfect bag to carry.

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Safety is the main concern of any traveler. Sadly, even the most traveled individuals are vulnerable to theft. Unfamiliar surroundings, crowds, fatigue, and even carelessness are factors that lead to a higher risk of theft.

These facts put a real damper on the holiday spirit. However, there is a solution to this that comes with peace of mind: an anti-theft backpack.

Anti-theft backpacks look just like regular backpacks, except they have a lot of secret built-in security features. These protection features include the following.

Slash-proof: The material used for the bag is lightweight and cut-resistant to prevent thieves from literally draining the contents of your bag through a slit. 

Slashing is common in crowded places. Sometimes thieves try to slash the straps to make away with the whole bag!

Lockable YKK zippers: These zippers are not easily pried open by pickpockets. In addition, these zippers do not get stuck on the contents of the bag which would leave them exposed to the outside world.

Hidden pockets: If you can’t see these secret compartments, then you can’t steal from them. This is the most common feature of anti-theft backpacks.

RFID block: Theft has gone hi-tech. When people resorted to cashless technology, thieves adapted by using scanners to steal information electronically. RFID blocking compartments are the solution to this kind of theft.

SOLDIERKNIFE Durable Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Travel Backpacks

Water-resistant: Anti-theft bags are such great bags that you’ll want to constantly carry them with you. There is a chance that you will get caught in rain, get splashed, or even fall in the water! Waterproof material prevents damage to the contents by weather elements, which may leave the bag more vulnerable to theft or tampering.

Storage space: The backpack has more storage space than regular bags of the same size. The extra space can fit electronics, clothes, and essentials like a thermos, among others.

In this section, however, we will review the features of the SHRRADOO anti-theft backpack. 

Key Features

  • It can fit a 15.6-inch laptop
  • External USB charging port with built-in charging cable
  • Waterproof nylon material used to construct the backpack
  • Product dimensions of 13.6 x 9.2 x 3 inches
  • Multiple spacious compartments 
  • Ergonomically designed straps 
  • Lightweight at only 1.8 lbs (0.82 kg)

The Good

  • Multiple storage spaces and compartments to organize electronics, personal items, pens, and key hooks
  • Hidden pocket on the lower back for keeping valuables from pickpockets
  • Locking zippers
  • External USB charging port for powering your phone on the move
  • Water-resistance to protect your electronics
  • Reflective strips make you visible to others in low visibility
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • The price of this bag is on the lower side, despite the excellent functionality

The Bad

  • No RFID protected compartment

What it Protects Against

  • Theft
  • Water
  • Knife blade slashing

In our opinion, this anti-theft backpack delivers more than expected for its price range. A good anti-theft bag like SoldierKnife can hold all your business, school, traveling, and leisure needs ultra-securely. It even goes a step further to protect you from water accidents.

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Have you ever had the misfortune of trying to waterproof your backpack all on your own? Regular backpacks with rain covers are a surprisingly common sight. Even if you are able to make your bag watertight, it’s still possible for dirt, mud, snow, and insects to find their way inside!

Fortunately, if you are fed up with homemade solutions, you can give Fe-Active Cloudbreak  30L backpack a shot. Test its waterproof and dirt-proof functionality in any sort of weather. 

Key Features

  • The body is covered with military-grade tarpaulin PVC lining for complete waterproofing
  • Durable backpack held together by high frequency welded stitching 
  • Materials used to make the bag are tested and certified environment-friendly
  • Shoulder pads of breathable foam
  • Chest straps and padded back supports for even weight distribution
  • Mesh netting on two side pockets with drawstring for extra security
  • Corded exterior
  • The bag is lightweight at only 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Product dimensions of 2.9 x 19.1 x 11.6 inches

The Good

  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Waterproof design and protection is military-grade 
  • Padded mesh lining design created highly breathable straps
  • Suitable for use in rugged terrains
  • The cloudbreak is a durable material made using a 5mm PVC tarpaulin
  • The corded exterior to carry extra items such as camping gear or exercise mats

The Bad

  • The lack of a front compartment is inconvenient
  • Some users will find the water bottle compartment a little too small
  • No waist straps

What it Protects Against

The FE-Active Cloudbreak is a great outdoor companion that will provide extensive protection in rainy conditions, as well as hot and dusty terrains.

It is great for outdoor activities such as paddling, surfing, kayaking, camping, and many other outdoor activities. This product is one that you can utilize every day and still keep it in good condition for a long time.

How To Choose A Waterproof Backpack

As we have seen from these reviews so far, not all waterproof backpacks are created equal. The levels of protection against the elements of weather vary a lot.

In addition to the factors discussed above, let’s quickly look at one of the most important considerations in your purchase decision: how much room a backpack has.


The capacity of each of these bags is clearly stated in liters, from around 25L all the way up to 100L. 

Daypacks are 20 to 25L bags big enough for a change of clothing, personal effects, water, and food for a few days at most.

Weekend backpacks, on the other hand, have a capacity of 40 to 50L. They have a lot of space for sleeping bags, changes of clothing, and toiletries. It is best to carry it alongside a day pack if you want to spend multiple nights away from home.

Multi-day backpacks are the largest of this group offering between 50 to 70 liters. The food and water stored in this bag can last you for a week. These bags have excellent storage space, so you can even take them with you on a world tour.


That’s our buying guide for the best four waterproof backpacks your money can buy in 2020. We hope that we have inspired you to make a purchase that will meet your needs this year. Enjoy your new backpack!

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