Are Elk Antlers Good for Dogs?

You might not know this, but elk antlers can be an amazing treat for dogs.

It’s true.  There is something about the scent and texture of the antler that not only is healthy for the dog, but also provides good nutrients.

Are Elk Antlers Good for Dogs?

Yes, elk antlers are safe and good for dogs.  They are considered safer that rawhide, because they don’t splinter and are therefore, a much more natural treat.  Furthermore, elk antlers have natural nutrients in them that are far better than then the processed or fake stuff you find at the store.  This is because the antler consists of rich protein, zinc, phosphors, iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

However, word of caution, because the elk antler is full of protein, it has been recommended that they don’t eat too much of it in one sitting.

So, How Long Do Elk Antlers Last?

Antlers are also very long lasting treats.  My dog can go through a rawhide is less than 5 minutes.  With an elk antler, it takes him days.  Furthermore, at no point does he get board with it, or tired of playing with it.


Where can I find Elk Antlers for my Dog?

You can find them at a store, however, I don’t recommend these because most of the time they have been processed for packaging and preserving.  This adds unneeded elements to the toy your dog is going to love.

You can find shedding as well. If you’re near a forrest or area where elk are, you can walk through and see if you find them.  However, when you do, you should cut them down to the right sized pieces.

Or, you can use a trusted store like this specialized shop for elk antlers for dogs. It’s run by someone who finds natural elk shedding and sells them.  This way you know they are absolutely natural and don’t have any of the extra stuff the stores put on them.

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